My Work

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Selected Publications:

Forthcoming, 2016. “Let’s See What Happens”: Hope, Contingency, and Speculation in Nepali Student Activism.” Critical Asian Studies.

Forthcoming, 2016. “What is it all for?: Educational distinction in Nepal’s post-war transition.” In Children’s Geographies of Violence, War and Peace edited by Christopher Harker and Kathrin Horschelmann. London: Springer.

2015. Household Survey Profiles for: Bagwana, Biranchibarwa, and Jauwa Guthi Village Development Committees in Parsa, Nepal. Co-written with Mohammad Ayub, Sudip Gautam, David N. Gellner, Dinesh Pathak, Bandita Sijapati, and Prakriti Thami. Kathmandu, Nepal: Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility.

2015. “The production of possibility through an impossible ideal: Consensus as a political value on Nepal’s Constituent Assembly.” Constellations 22(2): 233-245.

2015. “Scholarly Affect in a time of Crisis: Responses to The Nepal Earthquake Cultural Anthropology Hot Spots Forum Collection, co-edited with Cameron Warner and Heather Hindman, October 12, 2015.

2015. “A mood swing: State reaction to protests in Birgunj.” Editorial, Kathmandu Post, September 4, 2015.

2015. “Nepal’s Earthquake Politics: A Call for Decentralization.” Editorial, Counterpunch, May 4, 2015.

2014. “The Politics of “Post-conflict”: On the Ground in South Asia.” Cultural Anthropology Hot Spots Forum Collection, co-edited with Sara Shneiderman, March 26, 2014.

2013. “Shaping a Livable Present and Future: Review of Youth Studies in Nepal.” European Bulletin of Himalayan Research 42: 75-104.

2012. “Secularism in Nepal: Against the Normative Grain?Anthropology News (Series on Law), December 2012.

2012. “The Young Political Generation Today, Five Years Later.” Himalaya 31(1-2): .61-62

2011. Cultural Anthropology Virtual Youth Issue 2011

2011. Op-Ed, “Between Idealism And Political Savvy.” Kathmandu Post, November 9, 2011:

2010. “The Repertoire of Scientific Organization: Ideology, Identity and the Maoist Student Union.” In Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Revolution in the Twenty-first Century, edited by Mahendra Lawoti and Anup Mahara, pp. 73-91. London & New York: Routledge, South Asia Series.

2009. ““Yuba, Hamro Pusta” (“Youth, Our Generation”): Youth and Generational Politics in Nepali Political Culture.” SINHAS (Studies in Nepali History and Society), 14(1): 39-66.

2009. “Democratic Form: Conceptions and Practices in the Making of “New Nepal.” Sociological Bulletin (Journal of Indian Sociological Society) 58(1): 43-70.

2007. “Student Movements in Nepal: Their Parameters and their Idealized Forms.” In Contentious Politics and Democratization in Nepal, edited by Mahendra Lawoti, pp. 273-298. Delhi: Sage Publications.

2006. “Commitment as an Analytic: Reflections on Nepali Student Activists Protracted Struggle.” PoLAR (Political and Legal Anthropology Review) 29(2): 351-364.

2005. “A Crisis in Nepali Student Politics?: Analyzing the Gap between Politically Active and Non-Active Students.” Peace and Democracy in South Asia Journal 1 (2): 18-43.