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Here down in Birganj

I’ve now been in the city of Birganj, in Nepal’s Parsa district for a month and half and I’ve yet to post anything.  This is in part because it has taken me a bit of time to absorb this place, I’ve been hectic with both field research and writing projects, and I’ve had an entertaining, […]

Queen Elizabeth II’s 1961 visit to Nepal: What can a retrospective view tell us about the present?

This is a great video to get a sense of  how Nepal was framed for the British public in the early sixties. You can see where the roots of certain essentialisms came from, especially Nepal as an exotic Shangri-La that is “friendly to the west but holding jealously to its own standards of values and […]

The Relativity of Youth

The U.N.’s official age bracket for the youth demographic is 15-24. This demographic prescription has had a significant universalizing effect, due in part to the U.N.’s rights of the child strictures, transnational development aid, and the ubiquity of mass education.  However, youth is a social category. And like all social categories, youth is actualized and […]