I explore social, political, and legal culture through research, writing, teaching, and babbling. I have an unhealthy obsession with radical democratic and French social theory, using them to come to grips with events ranging from pop cultural to socio-political happenings. I’ve had a circuitous path to my present place; it began sheltered in a small, upstate New York town. The first time I ever got on a plane was to Nepal, at the age of nineteen. I have not looked back since then. I traverse the world, trying as often as possible to wander off my well-trod path that triangulates between Seattle, Oxford, and Kathmandu.


I am an anthropologist who focuses on politics and law. I research and write about political socialization, democratic theory, activism, party politics and political process, youth studies, secularism, pluralism, and human rights, primarily in South Asia.


I have had the privilege to research the student activists who were on the frontlines of the political movement that removed Nepal’s monarchy and established a democratic secular republic (2003-2009). Since 2009, I have continued to track these activists’ progression in mainstream politics, including their participation in drafting Nepal’s new constitution and national youth policy.  In 2012, I began new research looking at the politics and livelihood strategies of unemployed and underemployed youth.  This collaborative research is being conducted in north India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka under the auspices of the Economic and Social Research Council.


I have published articles on South Asian politics, democracy, activism, secularism, and youth in Political and Legal Anthropology Review Anthropology News, Studies in Nepali History and Society, and Indian Sociological Bulletin, and chapters in collections published by Routledge and Sage Press. I am currently working on a book manuscript entitled, Transfiguration of the Political: From Student Activists to Politicians in the Making of New Nepal. My blog is a way to share my perspective and analysis of my adventures with curious folks.